M4 Quad UAV


Easy to use UAV flight software

Skyecontrol flight software makes planning and piloting a UAV mission easy and effective. At SkyeFish we built the software and then designed the hardware to make every requirement a reality.

Mapping Technology

Take multiple photos and stitch them together into a useable map. Multiple sensor, gimbal, and flight controllers supported.

Terrain Following

Avoid catastrophic collisions with terrain. Skyecontrol is the only system with automated terrain following to ensure you don't crash into a mountain.

Map Cache

When an internet connection is not available, SkyeControl allows you to cache the map of your operating area for use once you are in the field.

Unlimited Waypoints

SkyeControl allows you to create as many waypoints as you need to carry out your flight plan. Create or edit waypoints with a simple double tap on your tablet. Adjust waypoints with a simple drag of the finger.

Gimbal Control

Skyecontrol also manages the gimbal for you so you can focus on specific points of interest.


Skyecontrol is flexible and works with any craft that uses the mavlink protocol. Use our software with your existing UAV or our M4 Heavy Lift UAV.


Reliability comes from experience. Our team has over 20 years of experience developing top-rated software applications including MapWith.Us and Streetbrew.

Unlimited Points of Interest

Much like waypoints, you can specify an unlimited number of points of interest. With Skyecontrol you can designate the exact moment a POI is activated and deactivated. Skyecontrol will automatically lock on and ensure you don't miss collecting any valuable data of your subject.

Skyecontrol Flight Plan

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