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Search and Rescue

Deploy in minutes at a fraction of the cost

Performance when you need it

Skyecontrol flight software makes planning and piloting a UAV mission easy and effective. At Skyefish we built the software and then designed the hardware to make every requirement a reality.

Missing Persons

Timely search and rescue is essential to saving lives. Traditional fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters take time to deploy and can be extremely expensive to maintain and operate. The Skyefish M4 deploys in minutes providing aid and support to search efforts for a fraction of the cost.

Resource Deployment

The Skyefish M4 is capable of deploying supplies quickly and accurately. Lives can be saved using this system to get immediate help to a victim while ground crews work to reach them.

Disaster Relief

Immediate help is essential to saving lives in the aftermath of a natural disaster such as an earthquake or hurricane. Get an immediate aerial view of the area and know exactly where to deploy assets to the areas that need them the most.

Accident Investigation

Get a unique perspective of a scene that simply can not be accomplished through traditional technologies such as photography. The Skyefish M4 allows you the ability to document scenes over a much larger area quickly and accurately.

Recovery Operations

The Skyefish M4 can provide significant benefits to first responders by performing structural analysis of damaged infrastructures, locating survivors amidst rubble, deliver vital supplies and provide situational awareness.

Standoff or Hostage Situations

Obtain critical information without introducing serious risk to personnel. Real-time intelligence in a matter of minutes.

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