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Precise Mapping and Measuring

The Smart Choice for Inspection

Skyecontrol flight software makes planning and piloting a UAV mission easy and effective. At Skyefish we built the software and then designed the hardware to make every requirement a reality.


Full data recording of thermal video. Explore individual plants and wildlife with pinpoint accuracy.

Animal Migration

Traditionally, species counts are done by a biologiest flying in a small plane or helicopter. Data captured by the Skyefish M4 is far more accurate and the overall cost is much lower. Fly closer without scaring the animals.


Flexible, accurate and affordable solutions to natural conservation. The M4 is ideally suited for ecological research as well as monitoring and identifying illegal wildlife activities.


Increase the amount of weather data collected. Let the M4 fill the gap between the surface and satellites with a reliable and easy to use platform. The Skyefish M4 can collect pressure, temperature, humidity and wind velocity measurements that radar can't provide.

Geological Monitoring

Capture much more detailed and accurate geophysical data at low altitudes even in overcast weather. The M4 provides a stable aerial view of geological structures over a large area.

Vegetation Management

Collecting and recording data from the ground takes a great deal of time and can magnify errors. Simplify this process with high resolution imagery that can provide you with precise measurements of vegetation and proximity to assets.

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