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Turn you data into useable maps

Skyefish Mapping allows you to take multiple photos and stitch them together into a useable map.
Data Support

Stream your data directly to your servers where it will be geo-located. You can also ortho-normalize, stitch, and tile your data.

Gimbal Support

We can add your favorite Gimbal within a few days. Please email our support with your request:

Sensor Support

Brands: Sony™, GoPro™, Canon™, Nikon™, Panasonic™

Lidar: Velodyne™

Thermal: FLIR™

Flight Controller Support

Supports DJI and 3DR platforms allowing users to integrate multiple sensors and gimbles via Skyecontrol.


Supports industry standard waypoint navigation, our patent pending line of interest feature and automatic terrain following system.

Flight Software

Intuitive launching, planing, uploading, pausing, and rerouting system that all skill levels can operate.

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