M4 Quad UAV


Industrial UAVs - Tools not Toys

The Skyefish M4 is a Ready to Fly system that can meet the demands of any work environment. Designed for reliability, durability and capability.


Every job has different requirements. One UAV can't meet every requirement, but a modular system can. The SkyeFish M4 features a central pod that can vary in size, payload, componentry and number of booms.

Stable System

With a focus on reliability and modularity, our unmanned aerial systems have been tested with strict performance criteria which ensures our UAVs deliver unmatched performance in any condition.


Our UAVs use top end components and we manufacture over 40 unique parts in house.


Let SkyeFish build the UAV you've always wanted. With a custom built UAV you have access to all our UAV options, upgrades, and the unique ability to request anything you want.

Ready to Fly

The M4 assembles in seconds and can be flown imediatly without spending hours on complicated calibrations. We've done the work ahead of time so you can be up and flying in a matter of minutes.

Touch-Screen Navigation

Every SkyeFish M4 includes a "Samsung Galaxy" Tablet preloaded with our flight software: SkyeControl. The M4 has been designed to work flawlessly with SkyeControl software to make flying your mission as easy and intuitive as possible.

M4 Quad Specs

Flight Time 30 Minutes
Payload 5 lbs
Range 7 Miles Round Trip
Speed 0 - 45 mph
Altitude 10,000' AGL**
FPV 20 km, 720p Res, CCD Camera
Camera Type Infrared FLIR, DSLR, GoPro
Battery 5,000 - 30,000 mAh
Telemetry 20 km Range, 2 Way Com
All Up Weight 15 lbs with Arris Gimbal and Camera
GPS Collapsible Mast
Landing Gear Modular Retractable or Standard Fixed
Controller Type MAVLink Supported
Modularity Boom Arms, Landing Gear, Gimbal
Propulsion Carbon Fiber 15-18 inch Props, KDE Motors, ESCs
Canopy Fastener Free Quick Release, 3 color options
Power Distribution Custom Designed PDB with Peripheral Soldering Tab, G10
Boom Arms 3K Carbon Fiber, Quick Connect Electrical Pin System
Frame 2mm Thick 2K Carbon Fiber

Every job has different requirements. One UAV can't meet every requirement, but a modular system can. Our patent pending UAV system uses a central pod that can vary in size, payload, componentry and number of booms. Our first UAV, the M4, uses four modular booms connected to a central pod via our unique clamping and pin system. Each boom can be attached or unattached in seconds. This means you can store and carry our UAV in a compact and secure carry case. It also means you can replace a damaged boom in seconds.

You can use booms across pods, essentially creating various machines from a few modular components. Even the retractable landing gear uses the same easy-to-use design. We made the gimbal attachment modular as well, so attaching equipment could be done in the field. The accessory controller and power plugs are located next to the gimbal mount.

Other computer makers provide one part of the solution; we're the last company providing everything ... with the other guys, whenever something doesn't work they all point fingers at each other--it's the software, it's the hardware, it's the network. With us, we make the whole widget." - Steve Jobs

In the UAV business, we are the one company that makes the "whole widget". We make the software and we make the UAV. Every UAV comes with Skyecontrol preloaded onto the "Samsung Galaxy Tab S" tablet. Since the hardware and software are shipped as a package, we guarantee that our software has been rigorously tested on the tablet and optimized. From Skyecontrol, you can plan, fly, and review a mission, as well as calibrate your machine.

Skyecontrol is flexible and works with any craft that uses the mavlink protocol. You can control the look and feel of the application and arrange your on-screen widgets as desired. We provide direct vendor support so that you can talk to someone in that knows every aspect of the system.

Reliability comes from experience. Dan Reed, our UAV expert with over 15 years of RC experience, Colin Heidtman, a professional mechanical engineer, and Dr. Orest Pilskalns, previously a computer science professor at Washington State University and a engineer at Lockheed Martin, designed and built this modular system.

Skyefish UAVs use top end components and manufactures over 40 unique parts:

  • USA Designed and Manufactured Quick Release Boom Clamping System (T6061 Aluminum) (Patent Pending)
  • USA Designed and Manufactured Quick Connect Electrical Pin System (Patent Pending)
  • USA Designed and Manufactured Carbon Fiber Airframe
  • USA Designed and Manufactured Gimbal Loading System and Electrical Quick Connect
  • USA Designed and Manufactured Quick Release Landing Gear Feet
  • USA Designed and Manufactured Power Distribution Board
  • USA Designed and Manufactured Flight Control Software
  • USA Designed KDE Direct 4014XF-380 Multi-Rotor Brushless MotorUSA Designed KDE ESCs
  • USA Designed 3D Robotics PixHawk Flight Controller
  • USA Designed 3D Robotics Navigation System
  • USA Designed 3D Robotics Telemetry
  • Castle BECsAlign Electrical Landing Gear Motors
  • Tested 3 Cell 10,000 mAmp LiPo Batteries
  • Samsung Tab S Tablet with Android OS (Lollipop)
Skyecontrol Flight Plan

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