M4 Quad UAV



Skyefish LLC

Skyefish, LLC is an American company servicing consumers worldwide. The Skyefish team has dedicated thousands of hours researching and developing an innovative small unmanned aerial system designed for durability and ease of use. We believe our customers deserve the very best product, customer service and continuing innovation.

Product Development

Product reliability and durability are the qualities we demand from each and every unit. The Skyefish team has taken the time to test and analyze hundreds of components from around the world, to find the very best. Each and every component that comprises our small unmanned aerial system has been tested with strict performance criteria. We test each an every completed unit before it leaves our facility. Expect our units to perform as designed upon delivery.

Customer Service

Have questions? Need help? Experience the Skyefish difference. Contact our customer service department and talk with one of our knowledgable engineers. They will answer your questions and provide guidance in a timely manner.


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About Us Made in Montana

All of our UAVs are designed and built in the USA. Our UAVs use top end components and we manufacture over 40 unique parts in house.


We wrote our own flight software to work perfectly with any UAV that uses the mavlink protocol.


We got our start as a mobile and web-based mapping company. Stepping into the UAV industry was an obvious choice.

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